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  • The effect of texture granularity on turbulence 

    Xie, Wenxiong
    We study the effect of surface texture on an overlying turbulent flow for the case of textures made of an alternating slip/no-slip pattern, a common model for super- hydrophobic surfaces. For texture sizes L⁺ ≤ 20, it has ...
  • Scattering by porous aerofoil adaptations 

    Priddin, Matthew
    Machines, and aircraft, in particular, can generate a large amount of noise that causes disruption and irritation. From the beginning of the jet era, the need to control aeroacoustic noise generation has been important in ...
  • Theoretical investigations into principles of topographic map formation and applications 

    Gale, Nicholas
    Topographic maps are ubiquitous brain structures that are fundamental to sensory and higher order systems and are composed of connections between two regions obeying the relationship: physically neighbouring cells in a ...
  • Magneto-thermal Instability in Dilute Magnetized Plasmas 

    Perrone, Lorenzo Maria
    In dilute, magnetised plasmas exchanges of heat across magnetic field lines are strongly suppressed, as charged particles rapidly gyrate around magnetic field lines but only infrequently scatter due to Coulomb collisions. ...

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