Cambridge University Library has entered a pilot partnership with iKVA, a Cambridge-based creator of AI-enabled knowledge management software solutions, to provide Apollo users with an advanced alternative to keyword searching. Users can discover content in Apollo in three different ways: by uploading a compatible full text object (pdf or docx), inserting a link to a text-based website, or pasting a text search into the search field. Submitting additional context during searches increases the accuracy and relevance of query results, especially when working with complex information.

How to search

Document drag and drop a full pdf or Microsoft Word file (.docx) into the search box. If you are unable to drag and drop selecting the search field will open a file browser allowing you to choose a compatible file from your device.

URL: link either to a compatible file (pdf or docx) on a webpage or to a webpage containing text on which you would like to search. If you want to search on only a portion of text using the Free Text search will likely yield better results.

Free Text: paste in a selection of text. Ideally this should consist of a phrase or sentence containing at least five words, but the more words provided the better the results will be. This is not a traditional search facility so there is no need to provide a combination of individual words or search phrases.

Search results

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